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Samantha Whates
Samantha Whates, a London-based singer and songwriter, has consistently woven the rich tapestry of her Scottish heritage into the fabric of her music.

Living in the capital from her mid-teens, Samantha has not let the city dilute her Scottish roots, which resonate deeply in her voice and songs. Her music, contemporary yet traditional, stands out as uniquely her own.

Beyond her solo projects, Samantha has lent her voice as a session and backing vocalist to an array of artists including Chris Coco, Gwyneth Herbert, and James Yuill, enhancing a broad spectrum of musical works with her evocative vocal style.

Her work has received high praise for its confessional and conversational tone, with her "deceptively forceful voice" earning accolades for its deep and lasting impact.

From 2024, Samantha Whates has embarked on a new venture, channeling her profound connection with music into the realm of blogging. She has begun writing informative blogs focused on personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews.

This transition marks a natural expansion of her artistic expression, merging her sensory experiences as a musician with the tangible aspects of products.
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